These are the prerequisites for installing Microsolut HotSpot:

 Requeriments for install hotspot

 1.- Operating Systems

Windows 2000 , 2003 Server , XP , Vista , Windows 7, Windows 8,Windows 2008 server,..  32 b. or 64b.


2.- Hardware


  • 200 MB HDD space (Or more recommended) . 512 MB RAM (1GB or more recommended)
  • Internet Connection
  • PC with two network interfaces adapters. One for your internet connection, Other for your wifi access point connection Please connect one network card to the Internet router and other one to wi-fi access point device that your customers will use to access Hotspot.Most of the pc incorporate a network card, if so will install  another.


If you have one laptop, connect laptop wifi to internet and ethernet adapter to access point.


3.- Setup windows

3.1.- Disable UAC. (Optional, but recommended)

3.2.- Setup Windows for share your internet connection.

3.3.- Setup DHCP for assign IP at customers devices

3.4.- Disable or configure firewall. You really need to permanently disable firewall only for the configured tpc port in Hotspot->Setup->Webserver->Port.
Otherwise, clients will not be able to login.

Sample of configured network


At this point, you could try your network installation. Connect a device to your SSID (the access point) and verify that you have internet connection. If you do not have something go wrong. Remember that we can verify the installation for free. Contact us if you have problems.

4 Install hotspot software.

Download Hotspot software. The installer has 3 components. 1.- Drivers , 2.- Database, 3.- Software hotspot.

Run installer as Administrator. adminlogo

Install it. Start Hotspot (Blue icon in desktop). Administrative password are blank.


Software open main window.


In Monitor select the name of the adapter that is connected to the access point. Click save button.

See IP assigned for ISC at adapter that is connected to the access point. In Hotspot, Goto Setup->Webserver. Select IP ( or in web server. Select Port, 80 if not have web server in your computer or other port (8010).

IMPORTANT: Disable Firewall or add port 8010 or other for allow access at external computers. Save changes.


For try without login, activate ‘Bypass mode’. Your see all computers connected. For show login page in customerd devices, deactivate ‘Bypass Mode’.

For complete info about setup, click here

If you ned remote setup,  request remote installation,