SMTP Roaming

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Go to Connections/Monitor/Options

Internet service providers sometimes blocks SMTP port (25) in order to stop abuse. If you are using such Internet service provider, your customers will not be able to send Email when their Email configuration uses that port.

SMTP Roaming feature helps you to overcome this problem by redirecting all Email traffic to other SMTP server running on different port. The entire process is transparent for the customer and no changes are required in customer Email settings.

For example, a customer uses on default port 25 when working from the company office. When a customer connects to your HotSpot where ISP blocks port 25, it will not be possible to send an Email although all the settings are the same in customer Email client software (Outlook, The Bat ...).

The solution is to redirect all traffic for the port 25 to a different SMTP server and port. Although a customer does not see any changes and may think that Email was been sent through the company server, an Email will be sent through your SMTP server.

To activate SMTP roaming, please Enable it and type SMTP Server IP and Port where to redirect Emails. If you do not know IP address, please type SMTP Server URL address and press Resolve IP button. You can click on the correct IP address to transfer it to SMTP Server IP field. When you finish, please press Save button.


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