Pricing Plans

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Pricing plans page allows creation of packages you will offer to your customers. Each plan is defined with price, time, bandwidth, description and days in which account expires.
If you have a license with credit card processing option, these plans will be available to customer for automated order. In sign-up page customer will see only description of package and it's recommended to put a highly descriptive plan information.

'Price' - Set the price of the plan
'Time' - Set internet access time
'Quota (MB)' - Limit bandwidth quota
'Download' - Limit download speed in kb/s
'Upload' - Limit upload speed in kb/s
'Days expire' - Days to expire account. 7 for one week, 30 for 1 month,...
'Description' - Describe the plan so you can find it easily when generate accounts
'Daily time' - Limit internet access time per day.
'Daily quota' - Limit bandwidth quota per day.

Exples how to create plans:

- 10$ pricing plan with 5 hours access time, bandwidth quota limited to 1GB and valid for 1 week

Price 10, Time 5, Quota 1024, Days Expire 7

- 8$ pricing plan with unlimited access time, bandwidth quota limited to 2GB and valid for 2 days

Price 8, Time 0(Activate unlimited), Quota 2048, Days Expire 2


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