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These are the prerequisites for installing Microsolut HotSpot:

1.- Windows 2000 , 2003 Server , XP , Vista , Windows 7, 32 b.

2.- Two network interfaces adapters. One for your internet connection. Other for your wifi router connection.

3.- Setup Windows:

graphicInstall Routing and Remote Access (Windown 2003) or

graphicInternet Connection Sharing  Windowx XP, Vista, Windows 7

3.- How to setup your network

Our HotSpot solution works with any active and passive network hardware. You are not required to buy specific access point models and in many cases not even required to reconfigure your network. HotSpot is a captive portal software that acts as a gateway - it will accept traffic to one network card, analyze it, and if customer is allowed to browse, it will pass traffic to second network card connected to Internet using preferred line (ADSL, Cable, WiFi...).

HotSpot Billing Software will therefore run on Windows-based PC, equipped with two (2) network cards (most modern motherboards comes with two network adapters or you can use PCI or USB network cards). This computer will be your hotspot gateway that will control Internet traffic.

These are few examples of possible network topologies.

Basic network topology, few laptops, access point, computer running HotSpot software.


Advanced setup:





MicroSolut HotSpot software should be installed on standard PC computer running Windows OS. We'll call this computer HotSpot computer.

HotSpot computer have to be a gateway for other computers in the network. With such setup we are forcing all computers in network to redirect traffic through HotSpot software which will control wether such traffic should be allowed or blocked. It's allowed if customer authenticated with username and password, and it's blocked if customer is not logged or time on account expired.

HotSpot computer need to have 2 network cards. One network card (NIC1) will accept traffic from your network and it will pass it to HotSpot software. If traffic is allowed, traffic will be redirected to second network card (NIC2) which is connected to Internet. Between NIC2 and Internet you can use routers, brigdes, modems (xDSL, ISDN, Cable...). With traffic we are assuming opening web pages or other type of communication with Internet.

HotSpot software doesn't require any specific hardware so you can use Access Points, Modems, Switch or Routers that you already own, and just configure network settings.

Network Setup


As a first step, we will share Internet connection on NIC 2. To remind you, this is a network card that connect HotSpot computer with Internet. We recommend using Windows Interent Connection Sharing (ICS) as it's easy to setup and it's free to use.

Once you finish this step, IP addresses will be changed. IP address of NIC2 is usually provided by your ISP and for example it might be

NIC1 (connects your network with HotSpot computer) will get IP address This is default IP that Internet Connection Sharing sets to your network card. Note that you can change this IP address to some other IP address. Subnet mask is Instead of default IP range you can use for example

In this network topology, Access point is used to connect wireless laptops through the HotSpot computer to the Internet. IP address of Access Point will be for example Access Point has DHCP enabled so it assignes IP addresses automatically to all wireless laptop computers. Laptops will get IP address from range to and will have the same subnet mask as your HotSpot computer Gateway should be and DNS addresses are usually assigned by your ISP.

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