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Working with accounts is very easy. You can sell your services in advance and your customers are obliged to come back. You can generate accounts for example, for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours and sell them to your customers. This time can be used when customer wants to. If there is some time left on their account, it can be used some other time when customer comes in your cafe.
When accounts are used, employee assistance is not needed. Customer will start session by typing username and password in login fields, and end his session by typing 'LOGOUT' in address bar in web browser. HotSpot Software is taking care of time calculations for you.

You can sell accounts not sold clicking the button '$'. This generate invoice and activate account.

How to generate accounts ?

If you intend to generate multiple accounts at once, please define number of accounts to generate. You will be able to Print accounts which allows you to prepare (generate and print) accounts in advance. When customer walks in, you can simply sell paper ticket which contains username, password, time and bandwidth available.

In case that single account should be generated when needed, please put 1 as number of accounts. Start number field will disappear and you will be able to make account like a customer name.

These are the steps to generate accounts:


1. Type how many accounts you want to generate in the 'Number Of Accounts' field

2. Choose Pricing Plan

3. Select customer to list, or add new.

4. The username account is generated with username prefix and number digits, (Ex. USER99). The password is autogenerated.Can modify it later.
5. If need, change Bandwidth Quota in MB (download limit for this accounts). Bandwidth quota is specified by pricing plan
6. If need, change Download and Upload Limit in KB/s (maximum download and upload speed). Bandwidth Limit is specified by pricing plan
7. If need, set account expiration in days
8. Choose if you want to sell the accounts 'Sell Now'(Green) or sell later
9. 'Enable Unlimited Access Time' - Check this option if you want to give unlimited time to this customers
10. 'Enable Unlimited Bandwidth' - Use this option to enable unlimited download

11. 'Enable Unlimited Quota' - Use this option to enable unlimited quota of download and upload. If not enabled, set Mb. limit in quota.
11. Determine whether you want to print a receipt by checking 'Print ticket'  'Print detailed ticket' options
12. Press 'Add' button


Account Details

Account details page contains most important account properties and offers time top-up and bandwidth settings.

. 'Daily quota' - Limit download quota per day.
. 'Daily time' - Limit internet access time per day. If user have left time on the account after daily limit expire, user will be able to use the account next day.
. 'Sell this account' - Use it to sell not sold accounts. Note that unsold accounts can't login to your HotSpot
. 'Expiration date' - Set new expiration date to the account
. 'Enabled' - If account is not active, your customer can't login to your HotSpot
. 'Only access hour' - If you set this option customer can login with his account only at specified time (set From/To)
. 'Inactivity timeout' - Uncheck this option to disable inactivity timeout for this account
. 'Allow simultaneous Access' -  Allows to access to several users with the same login.


The first team to use the account that will be the only access to this account


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